Assistance  in the selection of University — ADMISSION GUIDENCE

Ø  Assistance in getting Guidance-Acceptance from a Recognized Supervisor

Ø  Assistance in Domain, Area and Topic finalization

Ø  Assistance in Identifying catchy research problems with significance to the Real-world

Ø  Assistance in Proposing solutions for the Identified problems

Ø  Assistance in Documentation of Research proposals

Ø  Assistance in Implementation and Analysis of the solution

Ø  Assistance in Documentation of the finalized solution on par with International Standards

Ø  Assistance in Clear and Concise Language Polishing with Native speaker

Ø  Assistance in Publication in Reputed International Journals/Conference Ø  Assistance in Plagiarism-free Thesis/Dissertation Writing


PROJECT PLANING- Presents a clear indication of the time frame for the research project, Identify tasks, the times when each activity of the project will be implemented and the responsible research guide or expert. A work plan or timeline is displayed most effectively in a graphic, table or spreadsheet. This will help demonstrate the feasibility of the project in a very visible way




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